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Hello Friends,
Welcome to this web site Indian woman 35 plus, which is for all of you who are still young and are not yet thirty, but then you would be one day!

This web site is also for those who have crossed thirty or thirty five plus but still feel young!!
Also for those who are beyond fifty, in whom already body changes are being felt giving them feeling of being old!!
This web site is also for all our young boys and men who want to help their spouses and their elderly,
Today, websites are the windows through which experts as well as lay persons can seek information, knowledge and guidance.

This site is for all those who want to say “Wanna be young till I die”, this is for attitude change. If you want to help yourself first thing needed is change in attitude.
Our Motto for aging women is “Fit at forty, Strong at sixty and independent at eighty”.
For this we have our Role model none other than Dr.Kiran Bedi, fondly called as “Crane Bedi” .More on her in our page our Role Model Dr. kiran Bedi, and we are grateful to her magnanimous gesture of being our Role Model for Indian Woman.

We as FOGSIANS want to show that we care and we are ready to support those hands that held onto ours and taught us to walk. With no government support system for aging population and with family support system disintegrating because of nuclear families , the aging and lonely have nowhere to look for support.
We have help of FOGSI with its strength of 24,000 members and IMS with its 2000 members and 30 chapters,

We want continuous inputs and write ups from all of you young and not so young, so that this web site is continuously updated and is kept interactive by inputs from all of you by adding some new spice, as they say, “Spice Hai to Life Hai”.

We have given Yellow Ribbon as symbol of “Menopause Awareness” so please use it whenever you are doing any programe for the Adult Aging Women.

So keep in touch and looking forward to hearing from you,
With love and regards from,

Dr. Maninder Ahuja
National Chairperson Geriatric Gynecological committee of FOGSI
(Federation of obstetricians and Gynecologist Societies of India)
Chairperson Public Awareness Committee IMS.
Secretary General (elect) IMS

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We welcome you all & Thank You for joining for mission of giving of helping hand to aging population of this country.

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